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Bomber Jacket - Get The Right Fit And Style

by Shahmeen Karar 13 Oct 2023

For those who have not yet purchased a Men bomber leather jacket in USA and like to get in on the action, the point to remember before buying is “FIT”. It is probably one of the most crucial factors that require attention before you decide on your jacket. 

For good results, go for a fit that is comfy on your shoulders and arms, completed by a fitted body, with enough room to fit in one or two layers beneath. The shoulder seams should end at your shoulder point or nearest to it. Anything more or less will alter the fit of the overall jacket. 

Traditionally, bomber jackets were oversized in fit and style and have evolved into their current fitted silhouette for men. One more key point to remember is that the sleeves should finish at your wrist bone above your palm, and the waistband should sit right at the waist of your pant. 

Common Bomber Jacket Types And Styles

  • Nylon And Polyester Bomber Jackets

Two synthetic fabrics that share numerous similar features such as easy care, shrink resistance, stretch resistance, and wrinkles that make life so much easier. Therefore, nylon or polyester bomber jackets are great summer and spring style essentials. They make printing on these, an easy yet fun way to personalize your style with a customized bomber jacket.   

The lightweight properties of these two fabrics make them easy to layer up with. Also, this may work for some cold climates as nylon proves to be both waterproof as well as weather-resistant.   

  • Woolen Bomber Jackets

Woolen bomber jackets are a definite must-have and Ideal for the winter. Wool not only keeps you warm, presenting a functional aspect but looks equally stylish with the right fit and even texture that makes this type of jacket unique.  

  • Suede Bomber Jackets

A suede bomber jacket for men is undoubtedly in a league of its own. Truly stylish, even though it may not be a great option for rainy climates. Still, these jackets give you a twist between classic timelessness and modern sensibilities. 

Suede jackets in stone or brown, navy, black, or white all have an impressive style story to tell, no matter how many times you wear them. 

  • Leather Bomber Jackets

women Leather bomber jackets are proven, as the most original and timeless piece among all the options. They will take you to a whole new level through winter. There are many other options available, but black-white is the all-around favorite.

From subdued colors to bold, deep brown, vibrant red, or the popular white leather bomber. Whatever the color, if the fit is right, you can be sure you will look cool in this must-have jacket. 

How To Wear Your Bomber Jacket

Below are some tips on how to wear bomber jackets that will inspire you to try new looks. To get the most admiration, wear your bomber jacket in USA.

  • Neutral Or Monochrome Palettes

These alone can give you many different looks using one bomber jacket. Whether you go for a monochrome outfit in different tones of brown or shades of grey, they add sophistication while being minimal. What is even more interesting is that this a way that works well for men of various ages of men. 

The same can be said for neutral colors put together. For instance, grey and black, brown and burgundy, black, white, and grey together are some of the neutral color combinations that will allow your jacket to take your look to the next level.  

  • Creative Alternatives

Another way you can try when putting together an outfit is creative alternatives that involve clothing pieces that will “UP” your game in the style department. 

But how do you do that? Simply try out multiple options for your tops, aside from shirts or T-shirts. How about a turtleneck in the winter or a checkered, plaid, or subtle polka-dotted shirt? 

You can even try out textured tops that have a subtle or sober knit. The same applies to your trousers and pant. How about trying a restrained check or stipe that adds some visual interest to your outfit? 

If you are truly adventurous, these options will work equally well using attractive colors for an artsy vibe.  

  • Graphics And Shapes 

This point is an interesting mix of artistically creative and truly unique alternative styles. Add your bomber jacket to tops, shirts, and graphic T-shirts. These can be anything from pop culture and vintage-inspired art or contemporary by design or print. 

Picture tank tops or T-shirts with music symbols or public messages. Long-sleeved sheer tops that give a goth-esque vibe or bright-colored tops that have an eccentric element to them. 

The same goes for your pants, which can be fleece or denim, sweatpants or joggers, athletic-looking, or something wide enough to reflect trends of former years. 

Think wide pant legs such as those from the seventies or stripe pants that can work equally well with your bomber jacket

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