I Tried and Tested The Famous John Wick Suit

I Tried and Tested The Famous John Wick Suit

The John Wick suit style stands as a pinnacle of exquisite tailoring in the realm of modern cinema. Amidst the chaos of explosions, shootouts, and intense brawls, the retired assassin consistently embodies the image of a true gentleman, with every detail meticulously in place, thanks to lead costume designer Luca Mosca. 

The 'John Wick black suit' has transcended the screen to become a global fashion icon for men. While an all-black suit may not be a groundbreaking concept historically, its resurgence in popularity, spearheaded by Mosca's design, marks a departure from the post-WWI perception of black as overly formal. 

Embracing simplicity, devoid of embellishments, patterns, or colors, the John Wick suit, in Mosca's words, conveys "extreme elegance" through sleek lines and cool minimalism, making a powerful statement without the need for ostentatious flourishes or fashionable trends.

What is the ‘John Wick suit’?

John Wick's preferred suit style entails a meticulously tailored three-piece ensemble in timeless black, showcasing classic notched lapels, flap pockets, four-button cuffs, and a double-buttoned front. While the suit evolves subtly in each successive movie, the fundamental principle remains consistent: dark, understated, and exquisitely tailored. 

Luca Mosca, designing each John Wick suit style exclusively for Keanu Reeves, emphasized precision in tailoring, prioritizing the perfect fit over specific labels or designers. The realization of Mosca's vision for John Wick's suit style came to fruition through the expertise of Italian fashion house Brioni. Renowned in men's fashion, particularly for their impeccable tailoring, Brioni has been a prominent name since its founding in Rome in 1945. 

Notably, they made history by hosting the first-ever menswear fashion runway of the modern age at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence in 1952, solidifying their position at the forefront of male tailoring ever since.

How do I dress like John Wick?

The John Wick suit stands as a classic example, featuring notch lapels, flap pockets, and a two-button closure—a pragmatic and understated style born from the character's necessity for practicality as an international spy. 

Predominantly adorned in dark grey suits, Keanu Reeves exclusively opts for an all-black suit in John Wick 2, a choice dictated by filming constraints rather than a reflection of the character's essence. 

The Hugo Boss slim-fit suit jacket perfectly aligns with achieving the premium john wick suit style, crafted from the highest-quality virgin wool for a subtle texture. While lacking secret interior pockets, the suit emanates sophistication. The noticeable absence is the kevlar-woven inner material, allegedly rendering John Wick's suit bulletproof, though the practicality of this claim remains uncertain. 

In John Wick 4, Reeves introduces a splash of color with a gloss-finish dark blue collared shirt, elevating the John Wick suit's tailoring. Van Heusen's sophisticated and practical men’s shirts, designed to be wrinkle-free with added stretch for comfort, offer an ideal choice to emulate John Wick’s style. 

Emphasizing the avoidance of low-quality fabrics is crucial for achieving a practical and refined everyday look. Whether opting for a slight contrast in dark shades or embracing the all-black aesthetic, John Wick's diverse shirt choices, including occasional white shirts, underscore the character's timeless and versatile style.

John Wick’s Shoes

While explicit details from the costume department regarding the John Wick suit brand of John Wick's shoes are unavailable, he is frequently observed sporting plain black dress shoes, potentially from the premium shoemaker Johnston & Murphy. A similar style has been consistently featured in multiple films in the series, including the first movie.

Regardless, a pair of black leather Johnston & Murphy shoes is an impeccable choice. After extensive scrutiny of film footage, it is reasonable to assume that John Wick would approve of these shoes. Additionally, their practicality is enhanced with anti-slip rubberized soles.

John Wick Suit Accessories

For any fashion-savvy gentleman, it's the finishing touches that elevate a sharp tailored look to the next level. Wick, prioritizing maneuverability and ample room for weapons over stylistic flourishes, keeps his accessories minimal.

Despite the simplicity, the few items he wears make a significant impact. Elevate your John Wick costume with some stylish accessories inspired by the man himself.


To complement John Wick's sharp tailoring, he opts for all-black accessories, including a silk tie. The tie, likely measuring between 3" and 3.5", strikes a perfect balance between traditional 'surfboards' and the overly skinny width that has dominated tailored looks. 

Calvin Klein offers an ideal choice with this 100% silk tie in sleek black, measuring 3" in width—a quality accessory that aligns perfectly with John Wick's style.

John Wick Suit

Collar bar

In the latest movie, John Wick's suit incorporates a tailoring accessory that is regrettably underused in contemporary fashion: a collar bar. 

Distinct from the more common tie pin, the collar bar threads through the top two buttons of the shirt and under the tie, lifting the tie above the chest and creating an arc where it would traditionally lay flat. 

Collar bars, in general, serve to enhance a stronger and more masculine look by accentuating the size of the upper chest. This simple yet impactful touch further intensifies the intimidating aura of John Wick's suit style.

John Wick Suit


Completing his ensemble of all-black accessories, John Wick opts for a black leather belt adorned with a classic silver buckle. Even if your belt setup is not as laden with spare ammunition and knives, there's no reason to overlook the opportunity to perfect your sharp aesthetic with a high-quality belt of your own.



Worn on the inside of his wrist, John Wick strategically places his wristwatch, possibly to safeguard it from potential damage. This prudent decision becomes even more understandable considering the watch in question is a Carl F. Bucherer Manero AutoDate, valued at over $2000. The exciting news is that both hardcore John Wick enthusiasts and luxury timepiece aficionados can acquire this exact watch for themselves.

John Sends A Signal To His Enemies In A Suit & Tie

Clad in his suit and tie, John Wick suit signifies serious business, sending a clear message to his adversaries. When dressed in casual street clothes, John Wick is disarmed and has no intention of engaging in martial arts fights or gun battles. In this state, combat is the last thing on his mind.

However, the moment he dons his suit and tie, it's a different story—John is ready for battle, and he wants people to know it. 

For his enemies, the suit and tie serve as a signal that he is fully embracing his role as an assassin, a "professional courtesy," in John's words, preparing them for his impending attack. To everyone else, John's suit and tie act as a warning to steer clear, as he faces off against adversaries in the John Wick franchise.

Final Thoughts

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