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Immaculate Style Guide Of Leather Jackets For Men

by Shahmeen Karar 12 Oct 2023

How can the genuine leather jacket, a single piece of outerwear, manage to demand a wide range of reactions? Think about it for a second. Sexy femininity, rugged masculinity, classic conservatism, chic unreachability, daring, aggression, and rebellion. There is a leather jacket for men that suits almost any attitude, any expression, and any style. But only if it is the right person, the right jacket, and the right package. So, which is right for you? How can you avoid investing in a piece or fashion that just gives the wrong definition? Let’s begin with a quick survey of the general styles that are on offer.

5 General Styles Of Leather Jackets For Men

  • Flight Jacket  

This was perhaps the first style to hit the market that looks like what we think of as a modern leather jacket for men. They were built to be hard-wearing and warm, suitable for pilots in the early days of rattling, unheated, bone-jarring flight. This style offers reliability, a connection with the past as well as strength of character. It is usually available in black, dark, or light browns, and occasionally dark grey. 

This is not a style that plays with much. It is a solid and unchanging staple. If this jacket suits your style and matches the message you want to convey, then let it do the work. The apparel you wear under it should be classic, understated, and not fight for the spotlight with the jacket itself. Keep in mind, this style is all about suggesting what is on the inside. Character. Tradition. It does not need dressing up. 

  • Bomber Jacket

This variation on the flight jacket is created to be a bit more streamlined and a bit more modern in its appeal. It’s a lighter option, opting out of the sheepskin liner and collar, going instead for a low-profile collar, pockets, and a straight zip that are visible but not fighting for attention. Unlike the flight jacket, Men bomber leather jackets are frequently seen in more bright colors, from the cool style of Steve McQueen to Eddy Murphy’s purple or red versions (complete with matching trousers). Black might give an edge to a soft and playful look, a tan version might otherwise suit the creative tech executive, and dark purple with safety pins, studs, and a bit of graffiti. 

  • Biker Jacket

Biker jacket was another early entry into the categories of leather jacket in USA. Built for Harley Davidson motorcycles and fully inspired by the flight jackets that preceded them, Men biker leather jackets look cool but also have design features that are very functional. The zippers are asymmetrical, due to which a biker can lean forward without the zip digging into the soft skin of the belly. There is a pocket on top of the chest, typically at a stylish angle for wallets or keys, as the early riding leather trousers were stiff, tight, and not suitable to keep items in the pockets. 

These jackets are meant to look sturdy, but they are not able to do so on their own. I have seen trends of wearing these jackets with khaki pants and polo shirts, but I will not recommend it. To my eye, it does not fit the look and can appear a fake-tough or a bit try-too-hard. If you are going to put on a jacket like this – even if you don’t look like a sturdy guy – you can do it by keeping the apparel under it as cool and classic as the jacket itself. A pair of good jeans, a T-shirt, leather boots or understated trainers. Steer clear of vivid colors or anything – you might see included in a smart-casual dress code.  

  • Field Jacket

Now we are moving into a distinct era to buy leather jacket, but we are not quite there yet. The field jacket sits in the space between the rough-and-rugged needs of rebel bikers and pilots and the more beautiful, socialite settings of high society. Characterized by various pockets, high collars, longer lengths, and protective flaps, these jackets are hard to wear well because the rest of the clothing needs to be reflective of the balance between rough and refined. Go back to the smart-casual list for these supporting apparels. White trousers, chinos, and a pair of jeans can all work. Jumpers, polos, and even a sports jacket can carry much class to complete the field jacket without competing with it.  

  • Racer Jacket

Take the bomber jacket to its simplest conclusion, and you arrive at the chic racer jacket. This is one of the most upward-reaching styles. At home, in cream tones on the shoulders of a wine-sipping socialite, a young playboy, or a successful recording artist. These jackets don’t draw on a long heritage, but they are not weighed down by their heritage either. They can cover cords, jeans, button-ups, T-shirts, and light jumpers. You can wear boots, trainers, or even a nice pair of oxfords. Moreover, the silhouette is simple and clean, flattering to the wearer, and therefore, it suits an extensive variety of styles and situations.  

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