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Wear And Style A Biker Leather Jacket For Men

by Shahmeen Karar 11 Oct 2023

One of the men’s styles that continued to thrive even after a century upon its creation is the biker leather jacket. This clothing staple has truly never been out of fashion. These jackets come in handy whether you are going for a daring, formal, or rebellious look.

The main features of these jackets are their smooth and sleek leather finish, belted waist, and asymmetrical zipper. The lining material is either made from nylon, polyester, or satin, and it comes with four pockets. 

This jacket is initially built for bikers who go on long, chilly rides, and known for its durable properties. It can protect you against extreme winds while providing warmth to endure cold temperatures at the same time. 

If you have this biker jacket stashed in your wardrobe and have no idea how to style it apart from the basic conventional look, get ready because in this blog, we will give you numerous ways on how to style it and prove how versatile these jackets are.

Why Leather Jackets?

  • Leather Jackets Are Multifunctional

Unlike before, when leather jackets were only popular to fit bikers, now people have realized how awesome their style is for streetwear. Leather jackets can quite much be paired with any outfit. They look fabulous with street looks where you can wear your jacket with a pair of sunny dresses, short dresses, a pair of jeans for both men and women, and so on.   

Also, leather jackets look nice with office wear as long as you know how to combine the style and patterns of your office clothes, mainly for men. 

  • Leather Jackets Are Practical

These jackets are made from leather material, which means the leather jackets will give you a style statement as well as provide protection. Leather jackets are perfect to wear during rainy days as they secure you from rainwater.   

You can wear this jacket during the chilly seasons or with friends as they provide great warmth. So, a leather jacket will give you a style statement and protect you from weather elements.

  • Add A Style

A leather jacket is the only apparel you can easily style without looking like you are striving too much. So, do you want to wear black on black? Then put on a leather jacket and the complete look will appear fabulous. Do you want to wear a T-shirt with ripped jeans and sneakers, this jacket will take the look to a whole new level. 

Ways On How To Wear And Style A Biker Leather Jacket For Men

Before we move on to styling, here is a tip on how to select the perfect biker leather jacket for men. While it can be incorporated into various styles and make you look all cool and courageous, if you are uncomfortable wearing it, it will not look good. How you carry yourself is a major factor in terms of fashion. 

You should opt for the perfect size that will fit you right. A too big or too small size will give you either a slouchy or blousy figure, so make sure to go for the right fit. In addition, choose a versatile color such as brown or black, colors that can be incorporated into any outfit easily.

Now, let’s start the styling. Below are the multiple ways you can do to create a bold look with a biker jacket. 

  • Winter Outfit

Men’s motorcycle black leather jackets, made from thick material, are excellent at providing warmth in the winter cold. If you want to be cozy while being chic at the same time, here is a great style you can quickly put on. 

To start with, get a knitted crew neck jumper for base, and pair it with wool trousers. Then wear leather boots and finish off the look with the moto biker jacket. Since this is a winter attire, you can choose a color palette that produces a cool vibe. Black, brown and gray is a great combination of colors that will stick to the winter feels.  

  • The Casual Look

 If you want to choose an everyday look, but also want to add some spice, then you can try this style. Put on a basic T-shirt and complete it with a pair of twill trousers. Finish off the look with a men's motorcycle black leather jacket and black polished leather shoes. 

If you have struggles picking a color combination that complements each other, then you can try an autumn-like hue. For example, the shirt can be mint green and the trousers can be of brown or dark maroon color. To complete the autumn vibe, you can wear a silk tie, preferably green or any shade of it, and that’s it.  

  • Go Sleeveless

Biker leather jackets are timeless as well as seasonless. They are not just beneficial in the cold. Designers innovated this jacket that can be worn even under the scorching heat. But there is a catch – it is sleeveless. So, before you turn this style down, look at this simple way to create a dauntless look with a sleeveless moto biker jacket.

First, wear a T-shirt, complement it with chino, leather sneakers, and then put on the sleeveless jacket. As for the colors, you can go with a black or gray shirt, khaki chinos, brown or gray sneakers, and a black sleeveless moto. So, now what do you think? Pretty rebellious?           

  • All Black

The all-black style is a classic look that is still hard to beat. Black never fails to impress us. Given a moto biker jacket’s shiny look, complemented with black, we don’t think there is an even better pair.  

This look is quite easy to create. Just get a black pants, black shirt, black boots, and of course a men’s motorcycle black leather jacket. You can add a few accessories such as an earpiece or a silver necklace to complete the look. 

  • The Rockstar

Leather jackets are a desire for rockstars. They tend to give off a wild and rebellious vibe, the aura that rockstars are usually going for. Without leather jackets, this is why they can’t complete their iconic looks.

This style is relatively alike to the all-black look. The only distinction is this look is meant to show off the “rockstar” look. To start with, put on a gothic or vintage style shirt. Pair it with ripped black skinny jeans and complement with black heavy boots. Accessorize with necklaces, piercings, or rings, and here you go on your rockstar ride. 

  • Floral Prints

One of the skills that stylish people have is layering. Combining multiple colors and colors that complement each other is not easy. But to make it easier for you, we will give you an effortless layered style with flowers. Yes, you heard right, flowers. If you think a black leather jacket will not look good with floral prints, then see by yourself.

Start with a monochrome, floral printed shirt. The monochromatic hue will make it easy to incorporate with distinct styles. Put on a black jacket, pair it with white chinos, and that’s it! Another simple but aesthetically pleasing outfit.

Wrapping Up:

We hope this blog helped you in the styling dilemmas of a biker leather jacket for men. It does not matter if you are not a fan of edgy or rock looks. Moto jackets are an all-around fit and can be incorporated into any style. This decade marks these jackets’ first century in the fashion trend, and we believe it will thrive until the world’s leather supply runs out.            

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