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Shearling Men

Flying Aviator Grey Shearling Wax Jacket

Flying Aviator Grey Shearling Wax Jacket

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Short Description

  • Two side slash pockets offer practical storage
  • Cuffs enhanced with belts and fur for added flair
  • Original YKK zipper guarantees authenticity and quality
  • Adjustable belt on the waist allows for a customizable fit
  • Front YKK zipper closure ensures durability and convenience
  • Soft synthetic fur lining ensures comfort and warmth throughout
  • Shirt style fur collar adorned with belted buckle strap for distinctive elegance

Urban Elegance: Men's Flying Aviator Grey Shearling Wax Leather Bomber Jacket

This jacket isn't just about keeping you warm—it's a statement of your individuality and style. The unique combination of the shirt-style fur collar, belted buckle strap, and front YKK zipper closure creates a distinctive, sophisticated, and rugged look. With two side slash pockets for practicality, an adjustable belt on the waist for a tailored fit, and cuffs adorned with belts and fur for extra flair, every detail is meticulously designed.

Distinctive Styling

The front YKK zipper closure ensures durability, while the original YKK zipper speaks to the jacket's authenticity. Two side slash pockets provide practical storage, complemented by the adjustable waist belt for a customized fit. 

With cuffs adorned with belts and fur, each detail reflects meticulous craftsmanship. The soft synthetic fur lining guarantees comfort and amplifies the jacket's luxurious appeal.

Function Meets Fashion

Original YKK zippers exemplify authenticity and quality. Including two side slash pockets adds a touch of functionality, accompanied by an adjustable waist belt for a personalized fit. The cuffs, enhanced with belts and fur, elevate the jacket's allure. 

Beneath it all, the soft synthetic fur lining cradles you in warmth and comfort, making this jacket a masterpiece of style and substance.

Elevated Comfort

The front YKK zipper closure and original YKK zipper are testaments to its genuine quality. Functionality shines with two side slash pockets and an adjustable waist belt for a personalized fitting. The cuffs, embellished with belts and fur, amplify the jacket's charm. 

Yet, the soft synthetic fur lining truly elevates this piece, enveloping you in plush comfort and wrapping you in warmth throughout the season.

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Customer Reviews

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made my day

This purchase made my day surely going to purchase another jacket from Taylorjon!

positive experience

True-to-size fitting ensures that customers get what they expect, contributing to a positive experience.

Great appearance

This jacket stands out not just for its appearance but for the joy it brings to the owner.

standout piece

The grey shearling wax leather jacket is a standout piece that demands attention.

Must have this jacket

The advice to buy this jacket is straightforward and compelling – a true must-have.