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Biker Women

Soft Waxed Fringe Leather Biker Jacket

Soft Waxed Fringe Leather Biker Jacket

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  • Rich black washed, and waxed leather color 
  • Features a silver zipper that adds a stylish touch to the design
  • This jacket brings an edgy and timeless style to your wardrobe
  • A vintage appearance adds a unique personality to your outfit
  • Crafted using high-quality leather for comfort and durability

Unisex Soft Waxed Brando Black Leather Fringe Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Women's Black Biker Soft Waxed Leather Jacket - from Taylor Jon elevates the renegade look to the level of polished defiance. The waist belt. Fringe detail and bulky zips showcase the vintage design's rebellious attitude. The tailored shape also lends a touch of feminine refinement. 

It's tailored for the modern trendsetter who seeks to make an unforgettable impression wherever she goes. What truly sets this jacket apart is its soft waxed leather. Beyond its luxurious feel against your skin, it adds a captivating texture that elevates its visual appeal. Running your fingers over its surface is an experience in itself.

Every detail is thoughtfully executed, from the zippered cuffs that add a hint of edge to the sturdy front zipper closure that enhances both style and functionality. These meticulous touches amplify the jacket's overall appeal.

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